30,000 Students, 30 Nations, 330 Days

Anita Henestrosa just ended her 323-day marathon that took her around the world to give motivational speeches in front of 31,321 students in 30 nations.

MAPIT30K PROJECT  A carry-on backpack and a vision; That’s all Anita needed to start taking her first step towards her goal. What began as an exciting adventure through Europe, Asia, and the Americas, turned into the biggest challenge of her life. Her journey was filled with obstacles –scheduling gigs, traveling alone in unsafe areas of the world, and cultural barriers, to name a few. In times of uncertainty, she reminded herself of the motto she shares with students: “One step at a time.” Slowly her audiences started growing, and students began rooting for her. With the support of students, mentors, family, and friends, she was able to inspire 31,000+ students in 30 nations in 323 days.



Anita’s story energy, positive approach, and openness make her an approachable role model
for youth and someone I highly recommend young students have a chance to connect with.

Sarah Taylor (Belgium) - Personal Learning Coordinator at International School of Brussels

I love her so much! She has this energy that you will love, an energy that will motivate you to be the best person you could ever be.

Jewel Noche (Philippines) - Event coordinator at Pitogo High School

Anita was able to use humor and stories to get the students to identify fervently with what she was saying. The fact the students started to connect with her and engage emotionally with what she was saying should mean the impact will be lasting and that they will remember they can follow their dreams.

Margaret Hawthorn (Oman) - Principal at Knowledge Gate International School