About Anita

A DREAMER at heart, Anita grew up in Switzerland and decided at a young age that she wanted to pursue tennis and get a full athletic scholarship at a top US university. But that wasn’t easy. Growing up Anita struggled with being bullied due to her height, poor school grades and had to learn how to stick up for herself. By believing in her own capabilities, she was able to attend Purdue University on a full scholarship, earning both MVP and Player of the Year honors.
Following her graduation, she volunteered as an English teacher in the Rio de Janeiro slums for a time before relocating to her dream city San Francisco. Homeless and struggling for many months, she then landed an entry-level sales job.
After 4 years of her corporate sales career, she dreamed of making a bigger impact. In August 2017, she started her Mapit30k journey where she inspired 31,000+ students in 30 nations.