Fred, 15-years old from Belgium, asked me: “How do I know if I am happy?

We all want to be happy, but what does that actually mean? To answer his question, I launched a survey on Instagram. I asked other teens what their definition of happiness is. Here are some answers:

  1. Happiness is getting love from my mom and dad.” – Amit from India.
  2. It’s to study what you really want to study!” – Marcelo from Costa Rica.
  3. Seeing people you love being happy.” – Ikasim from Japan.

Every body, literally, has a different definition. In order to define it for yourself, you need self-awareness. For most people, happiness is about experiencing moments of pleasure, meaning, and fulfillment, occurrences that make you smile and feel good. Think about areas (such as school, relationships, health, etc.) and ask yourself if you feel good about it. That’s how you can determine if you are happy.

You define what happiness means for you.