Mapit30k: Latin America


From April – July 2019, I traveled through Mexico, Belize, Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras, Costa Rica, Panama, Colombia, Ecuador, and Peru. In most schools, my speeches were in Spanish.


In Latin America, you do business via connections and WhatsApp. In order to get connections, I asked for referrals or called schools directly. Once I knew my point of contact, I strictly communicated with them through WhatsApp.


Thanks to Costa Rica, where I was working with the Department of Education, I was able to impact 8,231 students.

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From Belize – Panama I traveled by myself, which made me nervous because Central America can be dangerous depending on where you go. I threw away most of my clothes to have a very light (day pack size) bag. Whenever I took a bus to a new country, I only traveled by daylight. My goal was to speak in every country in Central America, but when I got to the Tegucigalpa, the capital in Honduras, I change my plan. Nicaragua was going through civil


The most difficult part was not scheduling gigs, but speaking in a new language. Growing up my dad spoke little Spanish with me. Most of my Spanish I learned in school. “If I don’t try, it won’t get any better.” I thought. I tried and at first, it was tough, but it got increasingly better. After a few speeches, I had no trouble speaking in Spanish in front of hundreds of students.