Christmas Easy & Fun DIY

It’s that magical time of the year, and what better way to embrace the holiday spirit than by creating some delightful DIY Christmas crafts for your home? In this post, we’ll guide you through two charming projects that add festive flair to your decor.

DIY-1: Christmas Wreath


•   Garland
•   Metal wreath frame
•   Plaid black and white ribbon
•   Door hook with a black and white tab and three bells
•   Glue gun
•   Black and cream ornaments


1.  Wrap the garland around the metal wreath frame.
2.  Use the plaid ribbon to add a stylish layer to your wreath.
3.  Arrange and glue the black and cream ornaments to your liking.
4.  Attach the door hook with the black and white tab and bells for that perfect finishing touch.
5.  Admire your beautiful, festive wreath that will illuminate your space with holiday cheer.

DIY-2: Christmas Angels


•   Foam cylinder
•   Foam ball
•   Glitter
•   White chenille yarn
•   Glue gun
•   Silver garland
•   Angel wings


1.  Wrap the foam cylinder with white chenille yarn to create the angel’s body.
2.  Apply glue to the foam ball, add glitter, and let it dry.
3.  Once dry, affix the halo garland to the top of the foam ball, securing it to the cylinder.
4.  Glue the angel wings to the back of the cylinder, creating a heavenly appearance.
5.  Revel in the joy of having crafted two adorable Christmas angels to become your holiday decor’s centerpiece.

Now, the choice is yours! Which of these delightful DIY projects will you recreate at home? Whether the festive wreath lighting up your door or the charming angels spreading holiday magic, these crafts will bring warmth and joy to your Christmas celebrations. Get creative, enjoy the process, and let the festive spirit shine in your home this holiday season!

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13 thoughts on “Christmas Easy & Fun DIY”

  1. This DIY Christmas craft guide is such a heartwarming find! I absolutely love how these projects bring that festive cheer right into our homes!

  2. I am so loving both of these DIY crafts! They are perfect and I am going to try and make the wreath with my daughter 😉

  3. Your Christmas DIY post is amazing! The easy and fun projects are perfect for everyone. The step-by-step instructions make it a breeze. Loved the creative touch. Can’t wait to try them out! Thanks for spreading joy!

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