Fall Home Decor | Dollar Tree Fall DIY

With fall’s arrival, transform your space into a cozy autumn haven using these creative and wallet-friendly DIY Dollar Tree decor ideas. 

DIY #1: Fall Wreath 🍂 Inspired by @doitonadime. You’ll need a metal round wire, a glue gun with glue sticks, candy corn foam, small pumpkins in both orange and cream, and a fabulous fall bow.

Lay the wire flat on your table, and snatch those candy corn foam pieces off their branches. Fasten them snugly to the wire with your glue gun, ensuring no gaps. Add alternating orange and cream pumpkins where the candy corn meets the foam. Keep it up until your wreath is a fall masterpiece. Finish with a spectacular fall bow, hang it on your wall or door, and let the autumn enchantment begin!

DIY #2: Fall Coasters For this project, kick off with white spray-painted coasters. Grab some autumn-themed rub-on transfers and apply them meticulously to the coasters, peeling off the backing as you go. Press hard for sharp, eye-catching transfers. Once done, peel away the backing to unveil your fantastic fall decor piece.

DIY #3: Dollar Tree Fall Floral Hit your local Dollar Tree to snag fall flower decor. Arrange these fantastic finds in a vase of your choice and let your creativity run wild. They offer various options, from cream and orange pumpkin florals to decorative leaves. Customize your arrangement to match your style, then proudly showcase it in your home or office.

These DIY projects are both a breeze and budget-friendly, allowing you to sprinkle autumn throughout your space. So, which one will you choose to bring the cozy fall vibes home? Let us know in the comments! 🍁🏡 

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  1. We’re big fans of the flower decor at our local dollar store. So pretty and you can get so many for so little $$

  2. I’m decorating a bit for Fall here too. Got my pumpkins out, and my Fall coasters. I’d love to get a Fall wreath.

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