3 Easy & Fun DIY Summer Home Decor Ideas + Bonus 

Why spend more on home decor when you can bring your creativity to life with these affordable and delightful DIY Summer Crafts? In this post, we’ll guide you through three captivating DIY projects that are easy to make at home using budget-friendly materials. Plus, we have a fantastic bonus craft to add a special touch to your living space. Get ready to dive into the world of DIY Summer Craft decor and transform your home this summer!

Craft 1: Elegant Tin Tulip Centerpiece

Items Needed from Dollar Tree:

  • Silver Planters Tin
  • Foam Floral Blocks
  • Sponge Sander
  • Acrylic White Paint
  • Reindeer Moss
  • Foam Paint Brush with Skinny Head
  • Home Depot: White Spray Paint & Painters Tape
  • Dollar General: Tulips

Step by Step:

  1. Start with a silver tin, available at dollar stores. Paint it with your favorite acrylic color and let it dry. For a fresh look, spray paint the tin white and allow it to dry overnight.
  2. Place green Styrofoam inside the tin, shaping it to fit perfectly. Arrange beautiful Tulip flowers from Dollar General on top of the foam.
  3. Add a touch of green moss to cover the surface, creating a natural and vibrant centerpiece. Display it as is or add a table runner, enhancing the glam factor on your dining table, kitchen counter, or workspace.

Craft 2: Rustic Rectangular Box Flower Arrangement

Items Needed from Dollar Tree:

  • Floral Lilies
  • Foam Floral Blocks
  • Spanish Moss
  • Reindeer Moss
  • Dollar General: Tulips

Step by Step:

  1. Gather dollar tree orchid flowers and tulips from Dollar General. Find a rustic white rectangular box; you can even check out stores like Marshall’s for unique options.
  2. Repeat the same steps used for the tin centerpiece, transforming the rectangular box into a charming flower arrangement. The painted box, vibrant flowers, and creative arrangement will be a beautiful addition to any space in your home.

Craft 3: Dynamic Framed Word Art

Items Needed from Dollar Tree:

  • Rectangular Frame
  • Acrylic White/Black Paint
  • Foam Paint Brush with Skinny Head
  • Black HME Letters
  • Seasonal Sticker to Replace the letter “O”
  • Compound & Plastic Scraper Spackle Tools
  • Home Depot: White Spray Paint & Painters Tape

Step by Step:

  1. Start with a rectangular frame, acrylic paint, and white spray paint. Use blue painter’s tape to create a striking contrast.
  2. Use black letters to spell “HOME” and add Michael’s seasonal stickers. Change the stickers for different seasons, giving your decor a versatile touch.
  3. Once your letters are ready, work on the frame. Cover the grooves inside the frame with a compound and a spatula. Let it dry, then apply a layer of acrylic paint, followed by a coat of white spray paint. After it dries, use painter’s tape on the edges and paint them black for a bold finish.

BONUS Craft: Take Your Coasters, Square Wood Pieces, and Glass Up A Notch with Inspirational Words

Items Needed from Dollar Tree:

  • Square Wood Pieces
  • Coasters
  • Glass cup or vase
  • White Spray Paint- Home Depot
  • Stickers/Rub-On Transfers -Good Vibes, Be Happy, Kindness Matters, or any you like
  • Mod Podge Adhesive Spray

Step by Step:

  1. Gather square wood pieces and coasters. Spray-paint them white and let them dry for 24 hours.
  2. Apply the stickers Good Vibes, Be Happy, Kindness Matters, and Make Today Better stickers or rub-on transfers to the coasters and wood pieces.
  3. Secure the stickers or rub-on transfers in place with Mod Podge adhesive spray, allowing them to dry after 24 hours.
  4. For the glass cup or vase, attach a sticker or rub-on transfer. Once in place, use Mod Podge spray adhesive to settle in, as shown above.

Looking to elevate your living space or work desk? Try out these fantastic DIY Summer Crafts! Creating one or all three designs allows you to transform your space into a stunning look that won’t cost a fortune.

We would love to hear from you and find out which fantastic DIY Summer Crafts you plan to try at home. Let us know, and share your DIY with us!

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