It is officially spring, which means Spring Decor ideas, but that’s not all! Check out the fun Easter DIY crafts. These charming Easter-inspired creations add style and whimsy to your home. We’ve got you covered with an adult-inspired Peeps Easter basket (because we adults also love getting gifts, especially candy), a delightful layered easter cup candle, and a bunny/carrot wooden centerpiece. These crafts will bring your home a touch of Spring & Easter charm. So, let’s get crafting and add some Spring Decor to your home!

DIY Adult Peeps Easter Basket:

I created an Easter Basket with a specific theme (PEEPS). This DIY craft is for an adult looking for a whimsical easter gift for themselves. As parents, we constantly search for that unique Easter basket for our children. One day, I had an idea – why not create one for myself? I love Easter. So, I made an Adult Peeps Easter basket. Using simple materials from the Dollar Tree, I transformed a laundry basket into a festive, one-of-a-kind Peeps Easter Basket filled with candy, decorative eggs, and games. Follow along as we weave ribbons, arrange goodies, and bring this delightful creation to life.

DIY Supplies:

•   Laundry basket
•   Easter ribbon
•   Easter decor eggs
•   Grass
•   Candy and Peep-themed treats
•   Mini Monopoly game
•   Tape for sticks/skewers
•   Bag of shredded paper
•   Clear dry-cleaning bag or clear cellophane 
•   Glue gun and glue sticks


1.  Weave Easter ribbon through the slats of the laundry basket, securing it with a glue gun as you go.
2.  Place a clear bag of shredded paper on top of your pool noodle. The bag will be the base for attaching the candies with the sticks/skewers.
3.  Use sticks/skewers to anchor the candles for stability. Tape the candies to the skewers/sticks with clear tape from the middle to the bottom of the boxes. This way, when you put a stick with the point down, it will be balanced and not tip over. Ensure it is secure so as not to fall off the sticks/skewers. 
4.  Arrange the candies, toys, and eggs inside the basket as desired. 
5.  As I did, You can cover your basket with clear cellophane or use a clear dry-cleaning bag. 

DIY Spring Cake:
Our Spring cake will surely satisfy your cravings for style and sweetness! We will create a stunning cake that will make you want to eat it as it looks so delectable using wooden discs, poster board paper, and lightweight spackle. You can recreate this delightful spring cake and add your personal touches to make it unique and irresistible.

DIY Supplies:

•   Wooden discs
•   Poster board paper
•   Paint (pink, yellow, white)
•   Lightweight Spackle
•   Piping bag & decorative tip
•   Plate
•   Glue gun and glue sticks


1.  Layer wooden discs one on top of the other using your glue gun to secure them from moving. Then, cut out a circle for the top of the cake and another to wrap around the outer portion to cover the wood using poster board paper.
2.  Paint lightweight spackle in pastel colors (pink, yellow, white) or any color you like, and decorate the “cake” with decorative patterns using your piping bag and decorative tip.
3.  Allow the spackle to dry overnight before displaying it as a centerpiece.

DIY Layered Spring Candle:
Our next project is to create a DIY layered spring candle to add warmth and fragrance to our home or office decor. We will use colored candles and a glass cup to create a beautiful ombré effect that perfectly captures the essence of spring. Join us as we melt the wax, pour the layers, and add decorative accents to create a stunning centerpiece illuminating your home with style.

DIY Supplies:

•   Colored candles (pink, yellow, green)
•   Glass cup
•   Pot for boiling water
•   Lightweight spackle
•   Plate
•   Essential oil (optional)


1.  Melt colored candles in a pot of boiling water.
2.  Add essential oil for fragrance if desired.
3.  Carefully turn off the stove. Use mittens to hold your candle so it does not burn your hand. 
4.  Take your glass cup and make sure your wick is crazy glued or hot glued to the center. Make sure you use a pin to hold the wick in place by using a pencil. Next, pour the wax slowly into your glass cup. Let it cool down before you layer the next color, and so forth. 
5.  I shaved the wax from the candle and added it to the top of my glass cup once it had dried.

DIY Mini Bunny & Carrot Wooden Centerpiece:
Lastly, we’re bringing a touch of springtime charm to your decor with a DIY wooden box centerpiece adorned with mini carrots and a mossy. You can create a charming accent piece that celebrates the season’s beauty with simple supplies and a touch of creativity. Follow our step-by-step instructions to bring springtime joy to a season in your home or office.

DIY Supplies:

•   Wooden box
•   Floral foam
•   Mini carrots
•   Moss
•   Mini mossy rabbit
•   Toothpicks


1.  Get your floral foam & cut it to fit inside the wooden box.
2.  Layer the moss on top of the floral foam inside the box 
3.  Insert toothpicks on your mini carrots and bunnies’ bottom tip.
4.  Start arranging the mini carrots on top of the moss. Arrange it in the box.
5.  Lastly, place one bunny on each end of the box. 
6.  Display as a charming spring centerpiece for your home or as a dash of spring decor to your office.

With these Spring Decor Ideas and Easter DIY crafts, you can infuse your home with these stylish creations that celebrate the season in style. Whether crafting a whimsical Easter basket, a delightful candle holder, or a charming wooden box centerpiece, these step-by-step instructions and supplies from Dollar Tree will guide you through creating beautiful decor pieces that will bring joy and cheer to your home. Happy crafting!

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  1. These are such fun ideas! We might have to do some of these over the weekend. I love the centerpiece.

  2. This is so lovely and a really fun way to keep yourself doing fun activities over the Easter period. I love the cake idea. It looks so colourful and really yummy. Love the candle idea. It looks really pretty and great to keep in the home to add a splash of colour.

  3. Easter is going to be here soon and I need to get shopping. I have to make baskets for the teens and the grandbabies.

  4. These are some cute Spring ideas, and my kids would love creating a few of these. That cake and is really different.

  5. Your springtime cake is so cute! I love the pastel colors and the puffy frosting. Looks delicious and so adorable too. You have a lot of great Easter decor at your house — I’ll have to do some decorating too.

  6. That spring cake made my mouth water!! How yummy. Also that candle looked pretty good. I bet it smelled amazing. The peep basket theme was cute. My family loves peeps

  7. love all the ideas but i think my favorite is the candle and i am going to attempt it with my daughter…

  8. I love all these ideas. They are all adorable. I would like to try recreating that candle. And I was going to ask for a slice of that cake. LOL.

  9. These are cute ideas for easter crafting, I would have to do some of these this weekend for our annual easter egg hunt. Thanks for sharing these with us.

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